Selena Gomez Mentioned She Would Like To Date Zayn

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Picture: C Flanigan

Sometimes it really does feel just like superstars are utilising people as naive pawns inside their enchanting quests. Case in point: Selena Gomez’s most recent


U.K. cover
. Celebrities are unable to easily join Tinder to broadcast their particular solitary standing, thus Gomez performed just what a person with entry to an address tale would.

Step one: acknowledge you’re in the internet dating marketplace, but do not be eager about it. “I dislike it,” she told the magazine, wincing. “It’s hard and I’m weirded out by the concept that some guy has actually googled myself before we fulfill, and therefore has taken place.”

Next step: Clear things up with that hanger-on of an ex. “i am simply tired of dealing with it,” Gomez mentioned, about
Justin Bieber
. “I never ever meant for my life to become a tabloid story.” Which will perform.

Step three: Create your desire to day
Zayn Malik
superior. “If he’d expected me personally on a date, I would be seen with him. Just joking, however joking,” she mentioned.

Step four: restore control by insisting you wouldn’t really date somebody more youthful. “personally i think like I seem 16 sometimes, that is a bummer because i’d like to date earlier men.” (Zayn is 22 to Gomez’s 23.)

Be careful,